Joseph Farquharson Art

In Deep Mid Winter Scots Pines, Sunset Sun Pepped o'er the Hill Herding Sheep in a Winter Landscape at Sunset Harvesting, Forest of Birse, Aberdeenshire The Weary Waste of Snow Winter Market on the Nile Guide Bridge O'er Snow Clad Pastures, When the Sky Grew Red A Winter's Morning Day's Dying Glow Mrs Farquharson of Finzean On the Dee near Woodend, Aberdeenshire Tween the gloamin' and the mirk when the kye comes hame The Winding Dee A Scottish Interior, the Box Bed The Hour of Prayer A Pastoral And the Sun Peeped O'er Yon Southland Hills Corn Stooks The Fading Many Coloured Woods And All the Air a Solemn Silence Holds Self Portrait The Sun Had Closed the Winter's Day The Edge of the Wood A Wet Day William Littlejohn, Bank Agent A Corner of My Garden at Finzean Painter George Paul Chalmers T

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